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Dear Homeowner,

Thank you for inviting Cable Lock Foundation Repair into your home. I know the guys at Cable Lock would be honored to have the privilege to level or raise your home’s foundation for you. So thank you very much for the opportunity to share with you why we feel Cable Lock is the best choice for you and your home. Now I know for years you’ve heard me talk about Cable Lock, how honest they are, hard working, they have the best system, the best warranty and the best people to level or raise your home’s foundation.

But since Katrina, some Carpet Baggers have come into town… some with no experience and absolutely no local history. Oh they claim to have the best systems, warranties and such, but folks; I know you’re smart enough to know the difference. Cable Lock was here way before Katrina. They didn’t open up after just to collect grant checks from the government. And Cable Lock is owned and operated by the inventor of the Cable Lock System. Ask those other boys if they invented the system they use. Don’t know about you, but with me… local, longevity, honesty and smarts wins out over inexperienced grant chasers every time. And most anything those other boys say they can do, Cable Lock’s already doing it and doing it better. Make the right choice, the only choice, when leveling or raising your home, Cable Lock Foundation Repair. Don’t settle for less; go with the best, Cable Lock.



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