Cable Lock will continue to distinguish itself as the premier provider of structural repair in South Louisiana. Our Mission is to provide repairs of the highest value and quality to our customers, and continually improve every work process in our system.


1. Provide better quality and service to our customers than any of our competitors.

2. Attract and retain competent employees dedicated to reaching goals and objectives.

3. Be committed to an environment of teamwork, accountability, innovation and safety.

4. Engage in fair and honest business practices.

U.S. Patent No. 5,288,175

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"It was great getting not only professional service, but you evidently hire people with smiling faces.  Just as Cable Lock was highly recommended to me, I will recommend it to everyone else.  I'm leaving the sign in the yard for a while too. By the way, I want the same crew when I decide to do the front half. Thanks again! "

- R. Reese, New Orleans 70131


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